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The company was established as a limited liability company by a Notary Deed of 23 November 2010 by the partners Juraj Palčo and Adriána Palčová.

After terminating securities dealing activities and with a view to complete the projects in process and give a clear mission to the employees of the former PALČO BROKERS (www.palcobrokers.sk) we established a business company UNITED EXPORTS s.r.o. which aims to orient at business and exports in particular as stated in its name itself.

Gradually however trading of goods was not its core business, so the company oriented at various development and industrial projects.

For more information on our activities and related projects see Projects and Group Companies.

Our vision is to be open to new possibilities and projects, their stability and success. Satisfied clients, business partners and employees are the company’s mission. And few examples of help (click to pdf file). 

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