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Our history started long before UNITED EXPORTS was established, it was in the times when the whole our team worked for PALČO BROKERS and we came across various investment issues in provision of asset management services for our clients, often our friends and family members.

Business opportunities often required economic and financial opportunities enabling to perform them as demanded by original investors rather than courage and idea.

In some business cases we had to make a timely decision and rather discontinue the matter and/or project and terminate our activities, though they were very interesting and solved environmental issues.

One of the first topics was plastic waste treatment project, plastic waste treated intooil fractions. After an optimistic beginning and our polish partners’ experience, with which we signed contracts based on their real operation, we identified that local conditions on Slovak market are totally different particularly in waste treatment area and availability of sorted plastic waste. We prepared the project up to acquisition of a production hall in Trnava however considering actual scope of the investment and its return and especially considering unavailability of sorted plastic waste, we terminated cooperation with our partners.



Production of paper packages for liquid drinks and food was another environmental project. After analysing paper packages market in Slovakia we identified potential for their production and sale; along with our long-term business partner we invested in the project. We placed a Chinese technology in emptied production halls after an old glass works project in Valaská Belá. Despite production launch and partial initial success of products’ sale we eventually evaluated the project as non-perspective and production was stopped. Currently, we are closing down the project and negotiating sale of the technology.


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We would like to present our successful projects on our web pages in particular those representing good results of our work. At the moment, we are solving several key topics for our group. For more information on the topics see the following web page Projects and group companies.


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For many years, Hotel Istota, s.r.o. has been a sought after place for many corporate trainings, courses, workshops, sport trainings, and family meetings as well as kids meetings for children of all our employees, business partners, and friends. However, impact of economic crisis especially cost cutting in the area of training, courses, and workshops made us decide to close the hotel in 2011. Subsequently, the hotel was rebuilt successfully by SH DEVELOPMENT s.r.o. with a new business purpose - a social service home for seniors.


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Today, the only owner of SH DEVELOPMENT s.r.o. is an Austrian non-for-profit organisation CaSa Sozialeinrichtungen gemeinnützige GmbH. Since 2013, the company has been renting a reconstructed building (with capacity 78 persons) to a non-for-profit organisation Dom Seniorov Pezinok, n.o. Its founders are Juraj Palčo and an Austrian non-for-profit organisation CaSa Leben im Alter gemeinnützige GmbH that has a long-term experience with social services facilities in Austria. Dom Seniorov Pezinok, n.o. is a non-public social service provider and its services are increasingly sought after by elderly clients.




In 2002, a separate accounting company ARVIN a.s. was established along with our colleagues from accounting department. The company was subsequently taken over by our accounting personnel in 2009. As of today, in addition to all our firms the company’s portfolio includes many other clients. On the basis of their good experience with provided services they turn to ARVIN repeatedly with their new projects, just as we do.




As part of original franchising representation of GULF International in Slovak and Czech market, we joined financially and personally the business activities of FUEL TRADERS CORPORATION s.r.o..

UNITED EXPORTS s.r.o. entered the project in 2012 and in cooperation with the bank, the company helped to a large degree financially start up purchase and sale of fuels for petrol stations maintained by GULF, however the company’s sales managed to attract still bigger market share.

In 2014, to ensure larger stability and creditworthiness of the company, the company’s share capital was increased and fuel trading fussed with Oil Traders Corporation s.r.o. into one big company GULF in Slovak and Czech market with potential to multiply sales volumes of fuels, oils, and additives. Today, Fuel Traders Corporation s.r.o. is a financially stable company that has its door open for further development in both Slovak and Czech market. For more information on the company see the web page above.


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